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Natalie Jeung, LCPC, NCC

Owner and Founder


Natalie graduated from The Family Institute at Northwestern University with a Master of Arts in Counseling. Natalie utilizes a person-centered and psychodynamic approach in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and mindfulness. She is an insight oriented therapist and enjoys doing life with people. Natalie has also been trained in the Hand in Hand method of parenting. She believes that therapy is not just about problem solving but understanding one’s self to navigate life together through the ups and downs. Lasting change involves a deeper understanding of one’s self and addressing root causes. She values empowering people to thrive and find fulfillment in their lives. She also integrates cultural backgrounds and family systems to inform her therapeutic work. Natalie has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults.


Natalie is a second generation Chinese American and understands the difficulty of trying to reconcile values from her Asian identity and her American identity. In her work with clients, she helps people investigate the impact of cultural influences on how they form their identity, make sense of seemingly conflicting values, and how all this informs how one sees the world. We are not doomed to replay generational trauma and Natalie empowers clients to live differently, without totally abandoning their culture and heritage, because it is an important part of who we are.

Natalie is also a self-proclaimed Geek and Gamer Therapist. As an avid gamer, Natalie is passionate about helping people create a healthy relationship with video gaming. She enjoys working with individuals who identify as gamers and geeks, and exploring mental health issues common in gaming and the gaming community. She is committed to de-stigmatizing gamers in the mental health space. Natalie warmly invites conversations about gaming, geek culture, anime, superheroes, and all kinds of fandoms because she knows that they are meaningful in people’s lives. She integrates gaming and geek culture in the therapy process to allow for self-expression and understanding one’s inner world. Natalie also utilizes virtual reality to aid in the therapeutic process. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Parenting

  • Geek and Gaming Issues

  • Geek and Gaming Culture

  • Cultural Identity Issues and Intergenerational Trauma

  • Life Transitions

  • Interpersonal Relationship Issues

  • Family of Origin Issues

  • Inner Child Work

  • Spirituality

  • Personal Growth and Introspection

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